With its successful record of export and import business over the past years, EJD Commerce Group has continually sought to improve services and customer satisfaction. This group has also examined and secured the market needs, challenges and barriers of merchants, and has identified their concerns. In this regard, in addition to offering various products such as petroleum and steel products, it has been offering its specialized services to customers in four categories:

importing Services:

Supplying equipment and raw materials is among the vital requirements of many companies, factories, manufacturing and service centers. In this regard, each unit needs to consider six critical points when importing its required products, technology or equipment:
– Purchasing high quality and user-friendly products
– Choosing a qualified resource among reliable suppliers
– Providing products at competitive prices and conditions
– Achieving the best payment terms
– Ensuring that the purchased products have met the specified specifications and guaranteeing product quality and efficiency
– And finally ensuring the safe transportation of goods
In EJD, in addition to applying doubled sensitivity and strictness to meet the above requirements, due to the transparency of the existing system, and the ability to monitor all stages, our distinguished customers will be able to achieve the best possible results in importing with confidence and without any worries. Furthermore, high expertise and extensive pool of knowledge of EJD staffs have made it possible for all industries and manufacturing units and service centers to be able to meet all their needs and interact with all the well-known suppliers in the world market.

exporting Services:

The variety of consumer demands in different markets, the ability to provide foreign capital, and the creation of eye-catching business opportunities are some items which encourage every successful manufacturer of goods and service center to enter the global marketplace. It should be mentioned that the key to success is not just exporting to other countries and markets. It has been observed many times that some companies have made efforts to export their products to international market, however, as they faced potential challenges, and sometimes because of a lack of knowledge of the written and unwritten rules and regulations of international trade, they could not continue the process. In fact, an export process can be considered successful when the buyer fulfills the financial obligations after exporting the goods, the parties to the contract are satisfied with their deal, and ultimately the exporter has gained credibility and reputation in the target market.
At EJD, a specialized export department has been formed. Its mission is to create a comprehensive mechanism in order to achieve the strategic goals of our clients in international trading (not just exporting goods) and to maintain the presence of customer products in the global market.

At our International Trade Department:

– We analyze products for export and we go through needs assessment.
– We study the international markets thoroughly.
– And finally, after the client’s agreement, the goods will be exported with the best conditions.
– In the next step, to achieve full satisfaction of our customers, Strategical plans will be made to properly obtain feedback, provide after-sales service and subsequently create a brand and the required credibility needed to ensure a lasting and successful presence in the target market. These plans are operationalized and implemented with the coordination and approval of the producer / Manufacturer.
With our zero-to-one-hundred set of services, there are no restrictions on products, or potential markets in export as well as import. With the expertise of our EJD partners, we have made it possible for our respected manufacturers of goods and service centers in all industries to be able to sell their products all around the world with the best possible way.

Custom clearance Services:

In many cases, the importing operation is executed by the customer or his broker. However, if our respectable customers make a request, once the goods are delivered to the customs in the country, with respect to all national and international principles of delivery and clearance, our EJD Commerce team is ready to carry out all the customs operations, and transport the goods to the final destination in the soonest time.
Moreover, in the field of exporting goods, our experienced team is ready to assist different industries and factories in the customs clearance and preparation of exporting documentation for different customers.

financing and absorbing international capital Services:

The main prerequisite for executing various projects by employers, factories and industries is securing credit and finance capital. As a matter of fact, the first step to establish a manufacturing or service center is to provide the initial capital or capital needed to execute different development plans.
One of the most common ways to raise funds is to use international investors or financiers. In this method, the project is defined. After estimating the required capital, different domestic or international investors will be invited to invest or participate in the project and receive profits after the project completion. Settlement and withdrawal of profits is done in several ways that are not mentioned here.
What is the main requirement for an investor to invest in a project? Certainly, both domestic and international investors need to make sure that the work is done well and the return of the capital and its profit is ensured. Therefore, there are reputable companies in the world of business that are able to carry out numerous studies and assessments to examine the risk and credibility and all the technical and logistic aspects of different projects. After approval of all above mentioned items, These companies will eventually issue confirmation and feasibility study report for a project.
Relying on its extensive reputation and relationships, the EJD Commerce Group has been associated with the most prestigious risk assessment and investment companies in China, Europe and America. In addition, it has established numerous financial business interactions with small and large-scale financiers throughout the world. This group is capable of providing the necessary funds for investing financiers, both domestically and internationally, for projects like manufacturing units and factories.