Esmaeil (Mohsen) Jabbari

founder and managing director

Esmaeil (Mohsen) Jabbari was born in Esfahan in 1988. He was not blessed with sight from birth, a factor that could play a destructive role in his future and turn him into a secluded person with despair and lethargy who could consider himself as an encumbrance on the family and society. However, Esmaeil parental support and his serious determination led him to learn different sciences and accept various risks from an early age. Blindness kept Esmaeil focused on learning and away from all the restrictions and limitations.
Studying multiple sciences, Being software developer, learning the science of singing and having the capability of speaking in multiple languages such as English, French and Chinese have been some of his achievements so far.
He also has graduated from the University of Khorasgan with the Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Computer Software and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), and ultimately has obtained PhD in Business Administration (DBA) from the Fanpardazan Higher Education Institute.
Since childhood and the earliest days of learning English, he was extremely interested in communicating with other countries, Studying their cultures and subjects such as export and import affairs.
At the age of 18, Even though teen Esmaeil (Mohsen) was a university student in software development course, He became employed as an IT Manager of a big industrial holding group which was specialized in manufacturing different types of Open Steel profiles and was acting as an service center in Steel industry.
Due to his personal talent and constant interest in overseas commercial affairs, with the provision of activities in this field in the above mentioned company and encouragement of the managing director, Mohsen could find the chance of entrance into the world of international business and making his childhood dreams come true. Since that time, he constantly began to focus on training, studying, researching and investigating particularly in this field for about a year. After this period, he could gain the position of company overseas commercial manager, and since then, his commercial activities have become much more serious.
Over the next years, Mr. Esmaeil Jabbari, both as the commercial director of various companies and as a General trader himself, has been seriously involved in world of trading especially importing of steel Products, Industrial machineries and equipment From China, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia and India and also exporting of high quality Iranian Bitumen to different Asian and African countries. Continuing these activities, he examined the problems and challenges surrounding Manufacturers and traders. One of the considerable points that could be a big challenge for reputable manufacturers and service centers was easy access to resources for importing and export destination markets, so that entrance into the area of International business (import and export) for small and large operators could be done with high risk.
By Observing these conditions, He eventually decided to take a step toward solving these problems by establishment of EJD Commerce group. His goals were Providing the facilities that things such as finding reliable resources of importing, safe export markets, handling the custom affairs and other trading issues not to be a concern for economic activists and manufacturers of goods and service centers.
It is hoped that by extending services and offering a variety of EJD Commerce products, we will be able to play an important role towards improving the business position of dear industrial and economical activists.