About us

EJD commerce group was founded in the year of 2011 with the aim of maximum usage of It’s own professional experts capacity in the field of overseas commercial activities, providing appropriate conditions for ameliorating the quality of country business activities and increasing the performance yield of Iranian business owners, by assessing the infrastructure, market demands and environmental conditions feasibility study, has started its professional life in the trading of petroleum and steel products.

Initially the main activity of this group since establishment was focusing on importing products such as all varieties of stainless, Hot and Cold Rolled, Galvanized and Tinplate steel sheets and coils, roll forming lines from China, Taiwan, India, South Korea and Russia. On the other hand, by evaluating neighboring country markets and analyzing existing needs, exporting of manufactured steel products to these countries were on the agenda.

Another major activities of this group since commencement has been exporting various kinds of Bitumen such as Penetration, Cut back and viscosity grades to the international market like African countries, South East Asia, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other Arabic countries.
In order to improve the quality of exported bitumen, this group has always been trying to supply bitumen from reputable and experienced producers who are supplying the best quality according to the order of international customers.
In order to facilitate importing process for our international Bitumen customers, We do all the logistic and international shipping operations to deliver the goods to their required port in the destination and due to our long-term cooperation with international shipping companies, NVOCCs and other vessel owners, Always our offered freight costs to the clients are much more competitive than other competitors in the market.

The Successful results of initial activities, the potential capability of company professionals and the satisfaction of both customers and business partners have caused the activity scope of the Group interactions in terms of specific areas of working to be developed to general trading and spread out geographically around the globe.

The EJD commerce Group policies have been defined based on high level customer satisfaction, Mutual cooperation with business partners, full compliance with legal principles and international judiciary, reducing the risk of commercial transactions, transparency of interactions, document traceability and creating the long term partnership with partners and customers.