The EJD Commerce Group was initially established to meet various needs of manufacturing units and industrial plants, including imports of raw materials, industrial machineries and equipment, steel products including sheets and coils and so on. With many years of experience in this field, this group has become a reputable company in the field of importing above mentioned products in the country.


Stainless steel
Galvanized and timplate


Cut back


With its successful record of export and import business over the past years, EJD Commerce Group has continually sought to improve services and customer satisfaction. This group has also examined and secured the market needs, challenges and barriers of merchants, and has identified their concerns. In this regard, in addition to offering various products such as petroleum and steel products, it has been offering its specialized services to customers in four categories


Supplying equipment and raw materials is among the vital requirements of many companies, factories, manufacturing and service centers.


At EJD, a specialized export department has been formed. Its mission is to create a comprehensive mechanism in order to achieve the goals of our clients.

EJD Commerce

EJD commerce group was founded in the year of 2011 with the aim of maximum usage of It’s own professional experts capacity in the field of overseas commercial activities, providing appropriate conditions for ameliorating the quality of country business activities and increasing the performance yield of Iranian business owners, by assessing the infrastructure, market demands and environmental conditions feasibility study, has started its professional life in the trading of petroleum and steel products.